Thank you for your interest in Richland Medical Center's Webview!

What is it?

Web View is designed to allow our Patients to view their
Richland Medical Center Chart Online.

What can you Access?

  •   View your Chart
  •   See your Prescriptions
  •   Review your Lab Results
  •   Send Secure Messages
  •   Request an Appointment
  •   Print your Medical Chart
  •   View Current and Past Appointments


Please fill out the form on the right. A Richland Medical Center employee will be in contact with you within one (1) Business Day during Normal Business Hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm).


Have a Webview Question? Check out the Frequently Ask questions below or Contact Us!

Webview Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

Is Richland Medical Center’s Webview the same as my portal with The Richland Hospital?

No, these are two different medical facilities and thus, the portals are separate sites. Webview will show you information from appointments and records at Richland Medical Center while The Richland Hospital’s Patient Portal will show information from visits there.

Can I message my Physician directly?

In Webview, the messaging feature allows you to send a NEW message to Appointments, Patient Messages, or Samantha Johnson (IT). Those messages are confidential and screened by a nurse before being forwarded on to the correct Physician and/or Practice. If you wish to have direct communication with your provider, please speak directly to your Physician.

Is my username and/or password case sensitive?

  • Password is case sensitive
  • Minimum length of 6 characters
  • Contain one letter and one number
  • Contain one character that is not a letter or number
  • Cannot contain the login name
  • Cannot be the same as the last 5 entries

What happens if I forget my password? How do I reset it?

From the Web View login screen, the user has the ability to request a password reset via a lost password link. There are step by step directions for this process in your Webview packet.

You can also contact our IT department for assistance at (608)647-6161 ext. 4147.

Can I sign the rest of my family up?

Anyone that is a Patient of Richland Medical Center can have access to Webview. Please contact us for more information!

Can all family members be linked under one account?

No, they cannot be linked. All patients have their own, individual accounts.

How soon after my Appointment am I able to see results from MRIs, Labs, and other tests?

Your test results are released to your Webview account after your physician has reviewed them. Some test result will take longer to be received. If you have any questions on timeframe, please talk with your Physician.

What Web Browsers are supported?

The following browsers are currently supported:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6 or later
  • Firefox version 2.0 or later
  • Safari™ version 3 or later

Is Webview accessible from mobile devices?

Yes, you can access Webview from any internet ready device. The only problem we have experienced is with Apple products. Because of the inability to double click on Apple devices, the sending of a new message does not work properly. You can, however, reply to a message on Apple devices.

I don’t have a computer and/or internet. Can I still use Webview?

There are multiple ways to access the internet in our community including going to the Library or using a family members/friend’s computer. Webview can also be accessed from internet ready mobile devices.

I typed the Webview address into Google, but I can’t find the site. Why is that?

Entering the address into Google or another search bar will not find the correct website. We recommend typing my.richlandmedctr.com directly into the address bar of your browser. You can also go to our main website www.richlandmedctr.com and click the red Webview icon.

Privacy FAQ

Why do you need my email?

Your e-mail address is a necessary component for sending message in Webview.

Your email is important to us. Rest assured we will not rent or sell any information you provided. In order for us to send a message to you we need an email address registered for your Richland Medical Center account. We will ONLY be using your email for the purpose of Webview communication.

Is my information secure?

Yes, the information stored in Webview is secure on two different levels:

1. Access to information is controlled through personal ID's and passwords. Each person controls their password, and the account can only be accessed with that password. Keeping your password private is the most effective way to keep your health information private.
2. Our Webview site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep your medical and personal information secure. With SSL, no information sent is permanently stored on your system by your browser, and all data is encrypted during transmission.

Who can access my information on Webview?

Only you can access to your Webview Account with your personal ID and Password.

Is my Power of Attorney or Caregivers allowed access to Webview?

Your login is given to you and you only. You can share that login information with those you see fit. Please remember, keeping your password private is the most effective way to keep your health information private.